Picture of Jess with sunglasses on a beach

Hi, I'm Jess Friedersdorff

Welcome to my website, please wipe your feet

I am Jess Friedersdorff, @CreeveyLab PhD student, bioinformatician in the making and HAPpy* researcher.

Thank you for visiting my site! Hopefully you would have been brought here from Twitter, a conference poster or talk, or one of my swanky business cards. This is an active website as a first attempt to spruce up my HTML skills, and I hope to update often. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to get in touch with me using any form social media on the Social Links page.

*I love making puns. I am researching Hyper Ammonia Producers (see Research Interests for more information) or HAPs for short. You can see how puns would become a HAPpy coincidence... *groans in the background*.

(All opinions are my own.)